Telegram BBBot – Telegram Bug Bounty Bot

Telegram Bug Bounty Bot


  • This bot adopted special for deploying to Heroku
  • General purposes of this got – “Be helpful for infosec community!”
  • Bot use for fetching information
  • Used heroku as a template for project
  • For bot used free account on and


  • Purposes of bot:
    • “Deliver information as fast as possible!”
    • “Be helpful for infosec community”


  • For web server used GIN
  • For Bot functionality used telegram-bot-api.v4

Bot configuration

  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_TOKEN – Telegram Api token received from @BotFather
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_URL – Webhook url to bot public web address
  • PORT – Standard heroku ENV variable for port number
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_FIREBASE_TOKEN – Firebase database token
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_FIREBASE_URL – Url to firebase project
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_HO_SEARCH_URL – HackerOne search url (crawler)
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_CHANNEL – Public channel identifier, for example @some_channel_name
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_HOST – Public bot host url for ping purposes (for disabling sleeping functionality after 30 min of inactivity)
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_H1_HACK_SEARCH_URL – HackerOne hacktivity url (crawler)
  • TELEGRAM_BBBOT_BUGCROWD_NEW_PROG_URL – BugCrowd url for crawling new programs (crawler)

Bot workflow

  • Bot started
  • Fetching data from firebase (synchronising)
  • Crawling programs from (in parallel)
  • Crawling hacktivity from (in parallel)
  • Crawling programs from (in parallel)
  • Determining new data from all crawled information (in parallel)
  • Publishing data to telegram channel from ENV variable
  • Note: If instance of bot at restarted all data restored from firebase storage.

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