NANO Antivirus – Effective and fast anti-virus solution

NANO Antivirus – Effective and fast anti-virus solution

NANO AntiVirus is a powerful and advanced, reliable application designed to protect your computer against any type of malware. You can check your computer or a USB drive, click Start, virrus of complex components tested and updated.

Responsibility Nano Antivirus to protect your system capabilities in real-time mode. Each time you try to access a file, the system automatically searches for the file. When detecting a “person” suspicion of infection and can be placed in a quarantine file security scan. NANO AntiVirus will be extremely useful for system administrators.

NANO Antivirus
Updates : 22/12/2016
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Link download NANO Antivirus

Some Features of Nano Anti-Virus Software
Of all the viruses, Trojans and worms, including its variants are encrypted to protect your computer.
Real-time protection system, and your working time to ensure that your information is secure.
Compact extended support file that allows malware can be found all kinds of files.
Nano anti-virus software offers a technologically advanced scanning speed.
The new type of behavior of the system through malware detection analysis.
Update the virus database to protect your computer from viruses and malware.

New features
Trusted antivirus: systems, anti-virus independent database, file and network protection in real-time
Speed: scan speed, fast update, instant technical support
Convenient: simple interface, many different interfaces, absolute value is compatible with Windows 7.
1.2 GHz or higher (2 GHz and above).
512 MB RAM or more (1 GB or more).
Internet 6.0 or later

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