MailWasher PRO 6.5.4 En & 6.5.3 Fr

Stop spam and unwanted email without installation.
Download Portable MailWasher 6.5.4 En (8.5 MB) 16/11/10
(md5: cb026cd383b953bc4e109888bca55d10)
Téléchargez MailWasher Portable 6.5.3 Fr (8.8 MB) 16/11/10
(md5: 8d458dbc8f587c4997e41ad8384595ed)

Not latest version but better than 7.x: don't need .NET Framework and launch quickly.
Updated launchers create settings in Data (don't move from APPDATA).
Extract and run MailWasherPortable.
Settings of installed MailWasher should be preserved.

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