Free Download Knight Rider 2 PC Game Highly Compressed

Free Download Knight Rider 2 PC Game Highly Compressed

Knight Rider 2 PC Game Full Version

Knight Rider 2 PC game is another addition in the series of car racing games. All the gamer are familiar with the first version of Knight Rider that is Knight Rider 1 and there were many bugs in the game like graphics and sounds not matching the actual situtaion. I am not saying that graphics and sounds problem has been sovled for this game but the game still have many improved features that hopefully will attract gamers to play this game. The controlls KITT of the kinight rider 2 has been improved and it has a lot of fun playing this game. There many modes in which you can play this game like story mode where you have to complete each mission while saving your car from the enemy attacks like missiles and other weapons. At the start of the Knight Rider 2 Story Mode your will have to save your car from the attacks of the missiles that makes this game difficule for the begginer who just thinking whether game is started or not. When i start story mode of the Knight Rider 2 there was some detail about the mission like story and then suddenly my car begin driving unlike the others car racing games the car face was towards me that mean that i can watch the road behinde my car not in front of me that is one of the bad thing that i judged to be corrected. The reason due to which the car face was towards me is that i have to savehe car from the enemy missible coming from the back side. The first mission of the story mode make it difficult for players and most of the gamers like me uninstall the game but those who still have the devotion to check the new and latest game will hopefully go ahead and will check the full game of knight rider 2.

There are 11 missions in total and each has some sub missions and in each missions you must follow some instructions like in first mission first part you must save the car from the missiles and same like in other but with different instructions. In last 11 mission you will face a BOOS KARR you must use your plasma gun to win from the boss and clear the mission. The Knight Rider 2 PC game is based on a tv series KITT. Chase the bad guys using incredible speed. Enjoy the highly compressed version of Knight Rider from and please dont forget to like us on facebook.

Knight Rider PC Game

Knight Rider PC Game

Knight Rider PC Game

Processor = 800 MHz
Download File Size = 180 MB
Video Memory = 128 MB
Windows = Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7, Windows 8, 98, ME, 2000
Hard Disk Required = 400 MB
RAM = 256 MB


File Size = 180 MB


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Knight Rider 2 Full Game

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