ASUS ZenPower Disassembly

Low battery backup is the biggest issue in today’s smartphone. There are a lot of smartphone with high specifications, but most smartphone batteries don’t even last a day with some normal usage. Companies have introduced an option to use power banks to charge your smartphone on the go. ASUS recently announced its power bank called as ZenPower having capacity of 10050 mAh.

ZenPower has a brushed metal finish texture body with aluminium alloy coating. The dimensions are 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm, which is approximately same as of a credit card in terms of length and breadth

Zenpower 10050 MAh Disassembly :

Front Side


Bottom Side

Remove the Top Side, and open the 4 screw

Pull the board and batteries

Use 3 SANYO Battery

Alumunium case, Batteries

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